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“We’ve used Bluwave many times now, they friendly and offer a very quick turnaround. The team there are knowledgeable and the printing is professionally produced and always looks great”

Alastair Kenward

"Good value, high quality printing. I printed my architecture portfolio here and was pleased with the results."

Alex Stevens

"A friend recommended them to me, and I’m so glad they did. I required a themed calendar and they were able to guide me through it."

Theodora Abbey


Bluwave >Sending us your Artwork

On this page you will find all the information you need in order that you send your files to us correctly. This is a complete guide, however if you still have any questions, please contact us here.

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Choose your media size, collect your assets, make your design and finally send this to us for professional printing. Do not forget we provide complete creative services from start to finish. Our award winning designers stand ready to assist you, whether you need a business card design or a 48 page magazine. Competitive rates coupled with award winning designs, you can't go wrong. Let us do all the work for you.

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Bluwave >Artwork for print Specifications


Artwork >SET UP

Files should be supplied including bleeds. Print will be returned at the finished sizes. Please ensure all artwork is centred within the document page. Please ensure no excess artwork remains on the artboard. //top of page


All artwork supplied that requires a particular imposition or folding must be accompanied by a printed proof that is imposed and folded as required. //top of page

Artwork >BLEEDS

All artwork must include a 3mm bleed on all sides, all text and images should be at least a further 5mm from the crop guides, this is because cutting can only be accurate to about 1.5mm. Please ensure that the background image goes right to the edge of the file and that all text, logos, etc are at least 8mm from the edges. To ensure correct printing, an appropriate border will be added to all artwork supplied without correct bleeds. //top of page


All non-vector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300DPI. Any artwork supplied lower than 300DPI will print blurred. EPS and Illustrator files should have the final output set to 2540. PDF’s should be set as follows; overall resolution of 2540, individual line art resolution of 1200DPI and individual bitmap resolution of 300DPI. //top of page

Artwork >COLOUR

Unless specified all colour printing is full colour and should be completed and saved in CMYK process, Bluwave cannot take responsibility for any unexpected results experienced from artwork supplied in non-CMYK colours. Please delete all unused colour swatches from the colour palettes. Do not use Pantone or similar colours unless pre-arranged for specialist jobs. //top of page


Maximum ink coverage must be no more than 240%, we recommend a vibrant black is created with 100% Key, 40% Cyan & 20% Magenta. Any thin text and/or artwork will not appear crisp if ink coverage is supplied too high. //top of page

Artwork >TYPE

All fonts used should be embedded (PDF’s) or converted to outlines (EPS, Illustrator). We can accept Mac fonts for Mac generated artwork but cannot accept any artwork that requires PC fonts. If Mac fonts are supplied, please ensure all and only the correct fonts are supplied, including both the postscript (printer) and screen fonts. //top of page


If using the transparency functions in Illustrator and Freehand generated files transparencies must be flattened and the files then converted to PDF or bitmap (TIFF or JPEG) before supplying. Transparency in vector programs is still in its infancy and Out of Hand can not accept any responsibility for any unwanted results if this is not done. //top of page


Please ensure that no elements of the design are set to overprint unless specifically required. We cannot always check for this and it is likely to generate unexpected results. //top of page


You should not change imposed picture sizes in Quark, the files should be re-sized in Photoshop / Illustrator and then imposed at their full size. You should also not use the text display attributes (Bold, Italic, etc) in Quark, instead use font families with suitable choices. Both these options may not work when the file is ripped and may generate unwanted results. //top of page


Please save all Photoshop files as either uncompressed TIFF files or Photoshop EPS files. All Photoshop files must be flattened prior to saving, TIFF files saved with layers or EPS files containing vector information may not work correctly when the file is ripped and may generate unwanted results. //top of page


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You can upload your artwork here - File Uploads


Artwork will only be processed on receipt of written, fax or e-mail confirmation of the full order and receipt of payment, or authorised Purchase Order where agreed credit terms exist. //top of page

Standard terms and conditions apply, available on request.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 020 7277 7663, or click here to use our contact form.
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